Book World Closing in West Bend, Wisconsin for The New York Times

I visited Book World, a bookstore in West Bend, Wisconsin, on one of its last mornings of business. The 45-store chain is the fourth largest in the country and spans across the Upper Midwest. Founded in 1976, Book World has suffered due to e-commerce. Click on the link to read the full article in The New York Times.

DACA Recipient for Progressive Magazine

I photographed Laura, a DACA recipient, for Progressive Magazine in the fall of 2017. Laura has worked out a potential living arrangement for her daughter in preparation for the possibility of deportation. She and her daughter met me at a park for a few portraits and asked that her identity be partially concealed.

Group Exhibit at Johns Hopkins University in Washington DC.

For the last two years I have participated in a three-year mentorship program led by Jim Estrin and Ed Kashi. There are 15 of us in the group, and we have all been working on personal passion projects. On February 1, Johns Hopkins hosted the opening night of our group’s first exhibit together. Roughly 200 people attended the opening to view our work.

Sharing pieces of their projects, mentorship participants, friends, and colleagues Kara Frame (NPR), Griselda San Martin (documentary photographer), and Salwan Georges (Washington Post) were joined by our mentors Ed Kashi and Jim Estrin to discuss the impact that photojournalism can have on policy. Please click the link to hear the conversation.

(courtesy iPhone photo of the panel discussion)